Treck TCP/IP Version 4.5 Released

Treck TCP/IP Version 4.5 Released

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Some new features include:


  • Added IKE Policy Support
  • Added NAT-T support
  • Added DPD support
  • Added support for IKE as a separate task


  • Added support for IPsec as a separate task

IPsec Policy Enhancements

  • Added IP Compression negotiation support

IKE & IPsec Changes

  • Added IKE & IPsec priority processing
  • Several Security Protocol Enhancements
  • Added Security Statistics

IKE, IPsec, & SSL

  • Asynchronous Crypto Processing


  • Added support for setting and retrieving DHCP & BOOTP options not recognized by Treck
  • Added support for setting the hostname option with BOOTP
  • Added API tfFinishConfigInterface()
  • Added support for switching from BOOTP to DHCP (or vice versa) without having to close the interface
  • Added BOOTP user interface similar to the DHCP user interface

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