Treck POP3 Datasheet

Product Overview:

Treck POP3 is a Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) client that enables embedded devices to receive email from any POP3 server. This allows an embedded device to receive asynchronous status reports and information using the most universal Internet application, email.

Adding Treck POP3 email capability to an embedded device substantially enhances it. Printers and print servers provide an excellent example. Print jobs can be submitted via email and can be sent as easily to a printer across the country as to one down the hall. New firmware revisions can be downloaded to a printer by sending it an email, or the printer’s configuration can be modified via email.

The new breed of telephone switches with integrated Internet access and unified messaging support is another example. With Internet email support built into the hardware, a telephone switch can “read” email and route it as a fax; or, using speech-to-text technology, convert the email into a spoken message and forward it to a voice mail box.

Treck POP3 also allows users to more effectively manage software updates to a large population of devices (a corporation’s routers, for example) using the “store and forward,” one-to-many nature of email.


  • Receives email from any standard Internet mail POP3 server.
  • Optionally uses APOPsecurity mode and provides the user application UIDL support to obtain message numbers for tracking purposes.
  • Treck POP3 receives pure-text messages and messages with attachments.
  • Provides MIME format decoding and attachment decoding including BASE64 support for messages with binary attachments.
  • Treck POP3 is compliant with the relevant POP3 and MIME RFCs.
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