Treck PPP Datasheet

Product Overview:

Treck PPP incorporates the protocols that you need to get your device connected to the Internet via modem or other serial link. It is designed for use with Treck TCP/IP.

Runtime Configuration:

All of these PPP options can be set at runtime for either side of the connection.

  • Address/control field compression.
  • Protocol field compression.
  • Magic number.
  • Maximum receive unit.
  • Asynchronous control character map.
  • Authentication protocol.
  • Maximum LCP Terminate requests.
  • Maximum LCP Configure requests.
  • LCP retransmission timeout.
  • IPCP compression protocol.
  • VanJacobson slots.
  • IP address.
  • Maximum IPCP configure requests.
  • IPCP retransmission timeout.

PAP Support:

  • Both client and server support.
  • Username option for PAP client.
  • Password option for PAP client.
  • Call back function support for PAP server to determine if username/password are correct.

CHAP Support:

  • Both client and server support.
  • Username option for CHAP client.
  • Secret option for CHAP client.
  • Option for maximum number of CHAP challenges to send.
  • Option for CHAP challenge timeout length in seconds.
  • Callback function support for CHAP server to return the corresponding secret for a username back to the stack.


  • Any ANSI compliant “C” compiler.
  • Any CISC/RISC processor.
  • A serial device.
  • Treck TCP/IP

Other Features:

  • Fully tested and qualified against various PPP stacks. Test systems include UNIX and Windows NT.
  • All options are settable at runtime.
  • Simultaneous/Multiple PPP clients & servers supported.
  • RFC compliant.
  • Easy to integrate to your hardware using our standard driver interface.
  • High performance VJ compression.
  • Magic number support.
  • Both client and server side IP address assignment.
  • No porting required.
  • Fully ANSI “C” compliant.
  • Warning free Build (even with lint checking).
  • Supports LQM
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