Treck FTP Datasheet

Product Overview:

Treck FTP allows you to transfer files realtime to your embedded device via any other FTP software.

Runtime Configuration:

  • When starting your FTP server you can easily tell it what functions your file system supports.
  • Supports both blocking and non-blocking modes of operation.
  • Supports concurrent FTP sessions using a single task (if an RTOS is used).

To manage the FTP server operation, the user will call the following functions:

  • tfFtpdUserStart()
  • tfFtpdUserUserExecute() (used for non-blocking operation only)
  • tfFtpdUserStop()

File System Interface:

The file system interface consists of the following functions that are filled in to match the user’s file system. Not all of these calls are mandatory. A sample interface into a DOS file system is included.

  • tfFSChangeDir()
  • tfFSChangeParentDir()
  • tfFSCloseDir()
  • tfFSCloseFile()
  • tfFSDeleteFile()
  • tfFSGetNextDirEntry()
  • tfFSGetUniqueFileName()
  • tfFSGetWorkingDir()
  • tfFSMakeDir()
  • tfFSOpenDir()
  • tfFSOpenFile()
  • tfFSReadFile()
  • tfFSReadFileRecord()
  • tfFSRemoveDir()
  • tfFSRenameFile()
  • tfFSStructureMount()
  • tfFSSystem()
  • tfFSUserAllowed()
  • tfFSUserLogin()
  • tfFSUserLogout()
  • tfFSWriteFile()
  • tfFSWriteFileRecord()

Other Features:

  • Fully tested and qualified against various FTP clients. Test systems include UNIX and Windows NT.
  • Seamless integration to Treck TCP/IP.
  • Easy to integrate with your file system.
  • Does not require an RTOS.
  • Full support of the FTP RFCs.
  • No porting required.
  • Multiple sessions may be used simultaneously.
  • FTP username/password support.
  • Fully ANSI C compliant.
  • Delivered in fully commented source code form.
  • Warning free Build (even with lint checking).
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