Treck TELNET Datasheet

Product Overview:

The TELNET protocol is used to simulate a dumb terminal connected to a host computer (or embedded device). By using TELNET Server, your embedded device can be anywhere in world and communicate with any PC running a TELNET client.

Treck TELNET Server allows you to easily hook in your applications to the tfTelnetSend() and tfTelnetReceive() calls thus, allowing you to design a server that users can connect to with a simple TELNET application running on a Windows or Unix platform.


  • Seamless integration with the Treck TCP/IP product.
  • Full support of the TELNET RFCs.
  • Easy-to-integrate interface for your application.
  • Can run as a single task while supporting multiple connections or in a “main line” loop.
  • Does not require an RTOS.
  • Delivered as fully commented source code.
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