Treck NAT Datasheet

Product Overview:

Network Address Translation (NAT) allows an entire local network to share a single or several IP addresses. NAT alleviates the problems caused by a shortage of public IP addresses, and it is beneficial for devices that have a limited number of IP addresses due to cost restrictions.

Designed for use with Treck TCP/IP, this product provides the same high quality and performance that embedded systems designers have come to expect from Treck

Included Protocols:

  • NAT
  • NAPT (IP Masquerading)

Configuration Options:

  • Maximum translation table entries


  • Fully documented
  • ANSI C Source code
  • Example implementation included
  • Specifically designed for embedded systems
  • Dynamic port translation


  • IP address translation
  • Static and dynamic IP address allocation
  • Ping and traceroute in both directions
  • Ability to configure inside UDP or TCP servers that can be accessed from the outside


  • TCP and UDP port masquerading
  • FTP access across NAT gateway (PORT and PASV translation)
  • Tiered session time-outs
  • Inner network server management
  • Ping and Traceroute outbound
  • PPP and Ethernet reference implementation

RFC Support:

  • RFC 1361
  • RFC 1918
  • RFC 2663
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