Treck, Inc. and Xilinx have developed a very close partnership to deliver products that have been integrated and tested together. The Treck/Xilinx solutions offer the highest performance internet protocols available for embedded networking products. The Treck/Xilinx solution is able to achive near line rates for Gigabit Ethernet on a variety of Xilinx FPGAs using both Power PC and MicroBlaze cores. The latest version of the Treck demo targets the MicroBlaze on the SP605 evaluation board. This demo contains a suite of demonstrations including network throughput (TCP and UDP), Web server, FTP server, Telnet server, and SNMPv1/v2c. These are a small subset of the products offered by Treck and are encouraged to be modified and used as a starting point for future development.

With Treck and Xilinx working together, you can assured of the highest performance and solid integration of our networking protocols in your design. Click here to request more information on Treck using Xilinx Platforms.

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