Treck’s Quality Partner Program

Treck’s Quality Partner Program is designed to help you locate other embedded solutions that work well with the Treck Product Line. We are very discriminating about our partnerships and therefore do not just accept any embedded company into our program.

Members of Treck’s Quality Partner Program are required to do the following:

  • Offer Superior Quality Products
  • Offer a High Level of Commitment to Customer Support
  • Include Treck in their Third Party Program
  • Offer Solutions that include Treck’s Networking Products to their customers

XilinxTreck, Inc. and Xilinx have developed a very close partnership to deliver products that have been integrated and tested together. The Treck/Xilinx solutions offer the highest performance internet protocols available for…

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FreescaleTreck, Inc. has partnered with Freescale to deliver the premiere TCP/IP solution for the ColdFire platform. Providing support for both IPv4 and IPv6, Treck’s Internet protocols offer the highest performance and best RFC conformance available on the ColdFire.

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