Application Level Internet Protocols

Treck Embedded FTP

Treck File Transfer Protocol incorporates the functionality that you need to transfer files to your embedded device via any FTP software.

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Treck Universal Plug and Play

Treck Universal Plug and Play is a technology which enables you to implement network devices that can be controlled by Microsoft Windows clients. Examples of Universal Plug and Playenabled network devices include NAT firewalls, networked printers, A/V media servers and media renderers, networkenabled security cameras.

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Treck Embedded SNMP

Treck's Simple Network Management Protocol consists of an SNMPv1/v2c/v3 agent, Treck SNMP Abstraction Layer, and the Treck Code Generator. Treck SNMP can also be used with Treck's IPv4/IPv6 Dual Protocol Stack.

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Treck Embedded POP3

Treck Post Office Protocol 3 allows an embedded device to receive asynchronous status reports and information using the most universal Internet application, email.

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Treck Embedded Telnet Server

Treck Telnet simulates a dumb terminal connected to a host computer (or embedded device). This Telnet Server features seamless integration with the Treck TCP/IP stack, can be used with or without an RTOS, and can run as a single task while supporting multiple connections or in a ``main line`` loop.

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Treck Embedded SMTP

Treck's Simple Mail Transfer Protocol client enables embedded devices to send email to any SMTP server.

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Treck Embedded TFTP

Treck's Trivial File Transfer Protocol is a lightweight file transfer mechanism. TFTP only requires UDP/IP so it can be used on systems with very limited resources.

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Treck Embedded NAT

Treck's Network Address Translation allows an entire local network to share a single or several IP addresses. NAT alleviates the problems caused by a shortage of public IP addresses, and it is beneficial for devices that have a limited number of IP addresses due to cost restrictions.

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