Treck Releases High Performance TCP/IP Demo for Xilinx ML507


CINCINNATI, OH (October, 26 2009) – Treck, a leading provider of embedded Internet protocols, has announced the availability of their new high performance demo for PowerPC 440 on Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGAs using a Xilinx ML507 evaluation board. The new demo is based on the Xilinx Application Note xapp1043. Like xapp1043, the new demo features Treck’s ability to achieve near line-rate throughput with TCP/IP on a Gigabit Ethernet link. The demo has also added support for using the Treck TCP/IP stack in a multi-threaded environment with XilKernel. Even with the added overhead of XilKernel, the Treck TCP/IP stack is capable of delivering near line-rate TCP throughput of 938 Mbps with standard 1500 byte Ethernet frames and 990 Mbps with 9000 byte Jumbo Ethernet frames. The demo also includes UDP throughput testing and examples of several of Treck’s upper layer protocols: HTTP server, FTP server, Telnet server, and SNMP agent demo. For more information and a link to download the demo, please visit:

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